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You Said What?!

When I heard you create your own reality, I thought, "great!" Life will finally be easy.

I had recently recovered from a broken leg and my husband was recovering from a below the knee amputation. To say life was hard, was an understatement. At that time we had NO money, we had no real marriage and we had little children. I was depressed and tired all of the time.

I considered what creating my own reality would be like. I would have endless money, a beautiful home, I would help those around me struggling. I would go on vacation after vacation. Starting with Fiji. Then I stopped and considered, "who has been creating my reality thus far?" That was a question to consider. Certainly I did not bring a broken leg to myself. Why would I do that? I never thought of breaking my leg, how could that of happened?

I wished and hoped for more money. I wished and hoped for a better relationship. I wished and hoped for peace and happiness, but never a broken leg. I have learned so much about myself and my world and how we really do create our own lives, and eventually I did realize I did bring myself a broken leg. I brought myself NO money. I brought myself a husband with a chopped off leg.

Each thought we have is energy. Like a sound wave only you consider sound "real" because you can translate the noise with your ears. A thought is just like a sound wave, although it doesn't carry sound but it does carry energy. The thought energy, just like sound, vibrates. The Law of Attraction states, that to which is like itself is drawn. Which means, energy is magnetic and faster moving energy is drawn to faster moving energy and slower energy is drawn to slower moving energy.

Consider a lower emotion thought like, "I am ugly." If you think that, the emotion around that

statement is negative. If you think of yourself as ugly, you have feelings of self doubt and sadness. Like energy is drawn to itself so the only things that will be drawn to you are other experiences that reinforce that you are ugly. Energy goes out into the world in waves. You are constantly communicating with your thought feelings. Your thought emotions tell the universe what to bring you.

The key is to elevate your emotional state. You can't draw experiences that are different from what you are already living unless you change how you feel in your current emotional day to day life. That is the tricky part because when you look around your life it may be hard feel "good" about your current "reality," if all you can see is what needs to change.

This is truly where the personal work starts. Since coming to this realization, that reality is being made up by my emotions, I have worked tirelessly to "be happy." I still default back to lower vibrations every single day. I think even the enlightened ones perhaps backslide. Once you are in the higher emotions, you aren't there forever. You have to work to stay. Your thoughts have to be ones that lead you to a better feeling place. Poor feeling thoughts DO NOT serve you.


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