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You're full of shit

I've always felt I was wrong. Or that my thinking was too much based on emotion and not based enough on logic. Years into my career as a business operator I had a boss ask me why I made a certain decision. I replied "I had a gut feeling." He quickly replied "what does your gut have in it? It's full of shit, never trust your gut." That cemented it for me. DO NOT LISTEN TO MYSELF. It was proof, that I was always wrong.

Every time I had a big decision to make after that, I never went with my gut. I always went with the more logical decision. My dad and brother are logical thinkers, so I always just assumed that they were better decision makers than me. I often got their opinion when I had a big decision to make because I just assumed they were better decision makers. I had always been called sensitive or emotional and I viewed it as a disadvantage. My belief was "I based my decision making on how I felt, and that was wrong."

What I overlooked was that the decisions I was making were for MY life. I was getting answers of what other people would do in that scenario, but I was not being true to myself. I have learned over the past couple of years that I know best for me. I have also learned we all have a built in guidance system. Since discovering mine, I always try to be true to it, and I try very hard to let my children use their own guidance system. I now embody the belief "my emotions will always guide me to make the best decisions."

Let me explain how your guidance system works. If you ground yourself in the present moment it is impossible to feel anything but peace. If you are truly in the present moment there are no thoughts of the past or the future. There is just awareness of what is happening around you. An observer. You feel peaceful because you are in alignment with your own creative force. You are in your parasympathetic nervous system, where all of your power is. That's when you have access to emotions like joy, creativity, health and happiness.

When you are pushing against unwanted thoughts and you are worrying about the future or a past event you move to a primal state governed by your sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is what triggers the fight or flight response. When you trigger your fight or flight response you don't have access to higher emotions. You are in fear, trying to stay alive. Your emotions are the veil through which you perceive your experiences.

At any given time you are either in a powerful or primal state. What's more important to note is that whatever has triggered your primal state, is 99% of the time, a false belief.

Let me give you an example. Let's say you are to give a speech. Before you go to give the speech your thoughts are "I'm not qualified to give this speech, the audience will think this is ridiculous, no one wants to hear me talk." When your thoughts go unquestioned, your mind believes you. Those thoughts only give you access to your primal state. In your primal state you don't have access to creativity and humor and joy so when you give the speech it's hurried and impersonal and the more you look around you see in front of you an audience that doesn't look engaged. You give a speech that is mediocre and so now you have reinforced your belief that you weren't qualified to give the speech. Maybe this will be the last speech you give.

If on the other hand you considered yourself an expert in the field you were speaking about, felt confident about the material and thought the audience would be excited to hear the speech you will have a different outcome. When you go to give the speech you have access to your powerful state. You are relaxed, a clear speaker and in front of you there is an audience that looks engaged and interested. You have reinforced the belief that you were qualified to give the speech and that people wanted to hear it. You go on to give many more successful speeches.


When you feel negative emotion your body is telling you that you are in an unnatural state. Your body will guide you when you are entertaining an idea that is not true but if you don't listen you will create a scenario that will reinforce the false belief.

Let's talk money, everyone loves money. If you are worried about upcoming bills you go into a primal state. In the primal state you don't have access to the same ideas as when you are in a powerful state. If you are thinking about money and you feel like you don't have enough, you will never have enough. That will be your life, not enough money. You will say, "but it's true, I don't have enough money!" It's only true because you don't think you have enough and you create it over and over and over. Even if you DON'T have enough money your thinking has to change.

If you want more money you have to stay in the powerful state to have access to ideas that will bring you more money. You have to believe you have enough in order to start creating enough. You have to manage that gap, not letting your current circumstances affect your future circumstances!

So now, when I make decisions and I feel negative emotion, I question my thinking. Is my thinking true? How would I feel if what I was thinking were not true? Ultimately, you will always make the correct choice if you align with your powerful state. You're the only one that can create for you, you always know best for yourself. If it feels good, it is right! NO ONE ELSE'S OPINION MATTERS. What anyone else thinks about you or your decisions, is none of your business!

At any point during the day you should ask yourself, is my thinking from a powerful or primal state. Whatever state you are thinking from, you are creating from, and who wants to create things that continue to keep you in a primal state?

And then there's parenting...

"The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It can not be changed without changing our thinking." -Albert Einstein


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