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Oh Jesus

I am not one to stand at the front of the line, I do not like to be in the front of the class. I don't want to be the friend that tries to sell products to my friends online. It's just not for me. So I can't help but see the irony of having a website, writing a book and selling masterclasses online. To me, it shouts out everything I cringe at when I think of standing out in a crowd. I don't want to be "that" person. But I am, and I'll tell you why.

The information that I have is life changing for anyone. Anyone can understand it, if they take the time to understand and resonate with it. The way we are casually living our lives, day in and day out on repeat, that's not what any of us intended when we came to Earth. I will embarrass myself, I will piss people off, I will do whatever it takes because when you start to understand the message I am sharing, you'll kick yourself for not realizing it earlier. So that's why I work through cringing because if one person begins to understand this, I will have been successful.

Let me explain in the simplest way I know how...

Most people just don't realize what they are thinking most of the time. They also don't realize what decisions they're making that aren't aligned with the life they really want to live. Your life evolves in front of you based on your beliefs. Beliefs are decisions. Most of the time we have beliefs embedded within us when we are so little, we accept it as fact. So we don't realize beliefs are decisions and we have blindly accepted limiting beliefs, as fact. Life may not seem fair but it is 100% even, 100% of the time. Your life is a DIRECT reflection of yourself.

Life can only be as good as your emotional output on any given subject. Your emotional output on any given subject is equal to your beliefs. If people have heard about the Law of Attraction, and have tried it unsuccessfully, their assumption is...that's a bunch of bullshit (everyone I know included.) However, before people understand the law, they usually give up. You can't WISH for something and assume because it doesn't show up, it's a bunch of crap. Remember, this is the Law of Attraction....attraction being the key word. Like attracts like. If you want\need more money you can't stand in a wishful place looking for it. You have to embody what you want before you can attract more of it. The Law of Attraction is always working, like the Law of Gravity. If you don't purposely attract what you desire, you'll just attract more of what you already have.

This is what all of the great teachers and all religions of the past have been telling us. Jesus Christ, Gandhi, Buddha, Einstein, Mother Theresa....it's all the same teachings, changed over the years by humans who didn't understand, but fundamentally they are all saying the same thing. "Ask and ye shall receive," "the kingdom of Heaven is within," "the mind is everything, what you think you become."

The ONLY reason you wouldn't have enough money is because of your beliefs. Poorness is an effect, the thinking is the cause. One might assume, "I feel poor, because I am poor." However, if you're poor, it's because you feel poor. No exceptions.

The same goes for parenting. If you are in a place of feeling overwhelmed and tired and underappreciated it is an effect of your thinking. Your brain is trained to experience how you feel and more experiences that make you feel overwhelmed, tired and underappreciated are on the way. Your children are pure, positive energy, they can ONLY respond to your emotional output. Your children are a direct feedback loop to your emotional set point. If your children are not behaving in a way that is pleasing to you, look to yourself.

Having said that, humans have free will. Just because you want your child to behave doesn't mean you have mind control over her. It does mean that your child will still, 100% of the time, behave in a way that is equal to your emotional set point and the thoughts you have about it also come directly from that emotional set point.

So now what? Change your decisions. Change your beliefs. Change your emotional set point. You don't have to believe your thoughts. The thoughts that feel "true," are just thoughts you continue to think. Is money hard to make? I don't know, is it? Ask a millionaire. That millionaire at some point changed their thinking to align with their desire to have more money. We've all been taught, generation after generation, that money is hard to make. That's how we experience it. What if you changed your beliefs and thoughts to "money comes easily and often," and embodied that thought? Can you change your thought without knowing HOW it could happen?

Life is about trusting in the guiding force that created us all. If you trusted completely you could just "be" in life, instead of "do" in life. If you look to all of the enlightened ones, they are humans "being." They have found the way to trust in the unfolding of life instead of humans "doing." The doing is the not trusting, the lack of faith and trying to action-ably create the circumstances you want.

I work on changing my beliefs every day and raising my emotional set-point through meditation. Your emotional set point will naturally rise when you stop the contradictory thought. All mediation is, is stopping the momentum of thought for awhile to raise your emotional set-point. It takes work, focus and practice.

So that is why I have my hand up, why I'm standing at the front of the class, because once you understand the power of your thoughts you have the freedom to create the life you truly desire. Can you imagine living a life by design? It's why love feels so good. It's all of our natural set-points. It is the state we would all be in if we didn't have contradictory thought, the channel wide open to the Source or God or whoever it is for you. It is the ego adding thoughts, that changes our emotions. Our emotions change our reality. For me, it's worth the embarrassment of putting myself out there so one other person can start to live the life they truly want instead living in the rat race day after day.

"With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26

Our egoic mind is man with false beliefs and thoughts and our God mind is our natural state with an open channel. Through that channel the inspirations for all of your personal desires can be realized.

Life is not happening to you, it's happening for you! So WAKE UP and live the life you were born to live! "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." Jesus Christ, John 3:3 When you wake up to your authentic self, you will see you've been in Heaven all along!


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