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I'm brainwashing my children!

Updated: Feb 14

My #beliefs. Yowza. What a stumbling block in the way of creating the life I want. It's worth examining your beliefs if you don't have the exact life you want. Beliefs like, we have one shot at life or you have to work hard to make money. You might be thinking, ummmmmmm it's obvious that those beliefs are true. However, what if they weren't true? What if they are only true in your experience because that's what you were taught. You were taught that because that's what your parents believed, and their parents believed. You get the point. What if all this time, those that came before us got it wrong? What if it all just came down to mindset? Your mindset is your emotional set point. You learn your set point throughout your developing years. Most people's set points are usually predictable based on their upbringing.

Only a few stop and question the process. Question the rat race of life. They learn to manage the gap from what exists to the potentiality of what could exist. They don't let the "what isness" of life get in the way of what could be. They change their emotional set point, and their life changes. I'M NOT KIDDING.

I've been studying this daily, might I say all day, everyday. It's not easy to relearn beliefs. Your reality will not change until your beliefs change. That's the "gap." That's faith. Trusting that it's only true in your experience because you've been thinking it's true. We've been under living!

We are pure positive energy beings! We are physical but the majority of who we are is nonphysical. That nonphysical part of ourselves is our Source. Some call it God, some call it Buddha, some call it Higher Self. It's all the same. Every religion is on to it in some way or another, man's quest for happiness, but somewhere along the way religion started to be used to "control the masses," "make people behave."

The only truth that really exists is love or well being. The only thing that diverts our attention away from love is our thoughts. Our thoughts, or better said the emotional value of our thoughts are projected out in the universe and played before us. We all go through the motions, all day everyday. Multi-tasking, trying to manage the ever growing chaos of our lives and while we are living we are reacting to "life" that comes to us. Thinking and wondering why life is so hard sometimes. It's only hard because we keep creating, by how we are feeling, the same shit day after day.

That's why I created this website, that's why my life has changed dramatically, because I will do anything I can to help people wake up to their own life. Because I realized I was brainwashing my own children. I don't want them to have to relearn their beliefs in their 40's, I want them to relearn now. To know they have creative control over their lives and that they can be, do or have anything they want in this lifetime as long as their beliefs align with their desire.

What is aligning with your desire? How do you even do that? Well, it's about believing or better said knowing that you do have creative control. Life shows you things you don't want, all the time. Most of us push against what we don't want by doing everything in our power to make the bad feeling things stop. To control and fix things. Instead of fixing what you don't want you have to allow what you do want. Allowing by relaxing into feeling good, by not beating up on yourself, by quieting your mind on a regular basis and spending way more time thinking about how it feels to live with your desire. Not by spending time thinking about how to make the bad stuff go away but by spending time thinking about how the good stuff feels. Not by noticing the good stuff is missing but by visualizing what life would feel like with your desire filled.

We are here for joy. That is our purpose. To create joyfully. Anything less will always leave you feeling less that exuberant. It's time to start changing your world! One perception at a time.


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